MUSAiC Festival 2022 in Stockholm

Next week (22-24 November) our team will devote three days to analysing, criticising and broadening the AI transformation of music at the MUSAiC Festival in Stockholm. The program is filled with lectures and concerts around the themes of the MUSAiC Project, and nicely overlapping with some of the questions that we are also exploring in the […]

PhD seminar on Human-centered AI, Robotics, and Interactive Technologies

A discussion involving 15 PhD students, organized 7-8 Nov 2022 at KTH
The Creative-Ai (AI and the Artistic Imaginary – WASP-HS, project team is organizing this PhD seminar, which takes place 7-8 November 2022 at KTH. The idea is to provide an opportunity for Ph.D. students to present their planned, ongoing, and publishable work. The seminar is an opportunity to get feedback from each other and […]

Workshop: Imagining Speculative Creative-AI tools

We are organizing a workshop in collaboration with “Transisting” Multimedia Art Exhibition in Gothenburg next week. We are inviting artists to join a workshop in the gallery on the 14th October at 17.30-19.30. Are you an artist currently using AI in your creative practice – or interested in exploring AI in your creative practice? In […]

Uncanny dialogues with the machine

In early September, we had the pleasure of opening the dialogues seminar series with a discussion with artist Albena Baeva and composer Sam Salem. In the works of both of these artists, the creative explorations take place in the terrains of not-quite, ambiguous or uncanny. In Baeva’s works experimental, combinatory creatures that fail to coherently […]

Human Identity and Culture (PhD Course)

A new course, and new colleagues: Together with Helena Lindgren, I designed and taught a PhD level course with the title “Human Identity and Culture”. This course discusses how culture, identity, and technology are shaped in mutual interaction. It focuses on aspects of discrimination that do emerge out of this interaction. In the course, we […]

Interdisciplinary strengths

Interdisciplinary strengths This spring got an inspiring start in the form of the second annual WASP-HS Winter Conference. As a meeting of The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society, it brings together an interdisciplinary community of researchers and doctoral students affiliated with the Graduate School and its diverse research projects. […]