Panel on AI and Music at Museum of Artificial Intelligence

As part of the monthly MUSAiC meetups and in collaboration with Museum of Artificial Intelligence, Kaila moderated a panel discussion on AI and Music in Stockholm on February 21, 2024. The panelists included Avid Fayaz (KTH AI Society), Marit Woody (Music Publishers Association), Ernst Nathorst-Böös (Framtidigt, Reason Studios), Örjan Strandberg (SKAP) and Martin Tibblin (STIM, […]

Workshop @ ICCC ’23 Conference: Fictional Abstracts: Ethics, Sustainability, and Creative-AI Futures

In June, we are organising a workshop at the ICCC ’23 conference on the theme “Fictional Abstracts: Ethics, Sustainability, and Creative-AI Futures”. The workshop invites participants to develop perspectives and sensitivities on the futures of AI-enabled computational creativity and to critically reflect on the assumptions, methods, and tools for enabling (and disabling) such futures, with a particular focus on questions of ethics and sustainability. 

Workshop @ WASP-HS Humanity & Society ’23 Conference: Fictional News Articles: Ethics, Sustainability, and Politics of AI Futures

Description of the Workshop  There has been an increasing interest in discussing implications of AI technologies in terms of ethics and sustainability. This workshop brings such questions into focus by exploring questions of ethics and sustainability through the use of Fictional News Articles. We use Fictional News Articles to cast forward 15 years to 2038 […]